Who we are?

Sigle is a completely open-source web 3.0 writing platform that allows writers to write and earn BTC. Apart from empowering creators to monetize their content in an innovative way, we are also ensuring that content written on our platform can be read forever.

We are building on top of Stacks blockchain where we have been long-time community members and have formed very close relationships both with the folks building the developer tools and those who are responsible for growing the ecosystem. While for the most part we interact with Stacks, for storage layer we will use Arweave blockchain which enables to store content forever.

Last, but not least we are people. Three co-founders quit their full-time jobs this summer to pursue startup accelerator and build the company they wish they had worked for.

While having ambitious goals is a big part of our vision, our philosophy undoubtedly puts people in front of work at all times. Our philosophy also is centered around keeping the team small, so we can ensure that team is always connected from within and everyone is taken care of.

Time zone constraints?

As you will be the first employee and the day to day availability and communication will definitely play a massive role together, we are looking for someone within 2 hours of Paris time.

What are your primary responsibilities?

What are the necessary qualifications?